This is a chance for you to share your God given talents and gifts with others in our church community. If you enjoy planning activities for others and meeting new people, this ministry is for you !!! We nurture membership and parish life through our fellowship and friendship with one another.

In the past we have enjoyed such activities as picnics, St. Joseph’s table, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and baseball games. Some new activities have been suggested by the Pastoral Council: Movie Night, Game Night, Ethnic Teaching/Cook Dinners, Bus Trips (1 day or longer), Hiking Tours and Pancake Breakfast. This is just a sample of the suggestions and ideas generated in a short time by the council.

For more information please contact Dick Campbell at 315-587-2342 or Pat Younglove at 315-594-9958. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY YOUR CALL. WE ARE ANXIOUS TO GET STARTED!!!