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Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

by Marie Smith

Pastoral Council 2022-2023                                 Eileen Bielemeier 315-587-2316  (2024) Kathy DeMass 315-754-6203 (Chair)  (2023) Dan Durocher 315-532-0611  (2023) Cathy Immerman 315-594-8574 (2024) Karen Kaindl 315-587-9796 (2024) Mary Krehling 315-243-7411  (2023) Jill Lee 315-744-4932 (2025) Paul Statskey 315-520-3588  (2023) Pastoral Council 2021-2022 […]

Bulletin Submission and Mass Announcement Deadlines

by Marie Smith

PLEASE NOTE DEADLINES! **Bulletin Notices** The deadline is NOW week in advance Wednesday, prior to bulletin publication. First come, First serve basis. Any questions email: **Mass announcements** The deadline is Wednesday week of mass. Submit to or you can call the office with notices or announcements. Thank you!