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Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

by Marie Smith

Pastoral Council 2022-2023                                 Eileen Bielemeier 315-587-2316  (2024) Kathy DeMass 315-754-6203 (Chair)  (2023) Dan Durocher 315-532-0611  (2023) Cathy Immerman 315-594-8574 (2024) Karen Kaindl 315-587-9796 (2024) Mary Krehling 315-243-7411  (2023) Jill Lee 315-744-4932 (2025) Paul Statskey 315-520-3588  (2023) Meeting Minutes 2022-2023 […]

Parish Life

by Marie Smith

Have you been given the gift of organizing events? Are you good at gathering people? Do you enjoy planning trips? Would you be willing to use your God given gifts and talents to help bring more Sprit and Life to our Parish? CCBT Pastoral Council is seeking a coordinator/co-coordinator to help get a new Parish […]

Bulletin Submission and Mass Announcement Deadlines

by Marie Smith

PLEASE NOTE DEADLINES! If you would like something in the bulletin for any church in the Eastern Wayne County cluster, please email to by Wednesday morning two weeks before the date of the bulletin you would like it in. More information, please call Katie, 315-331-6753. Thank you.

In Gratitude

by Marie Smith

BACKPACK GRATITUDE The Social Ministry team and the Community Clothing Center sincerely THANK all those parishioners from CCBT who so generously donated backpacks for the children this year. Everyone was delighted with the quality, variety and sizes, lots of happy faces! We are so very grateful for your ongoing support! Peppermint Days Ecumenical Service Thank […]

Bereavement Group

by Marie Smith

We are hoping to form a Bereavement group for SJTW and support parishes. Anyone who has lost a loved one recently or in the past are welcomed. Please contact the office to express interest 315-902-4130.