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Liturgical Minister and Coffee Hour Volunteer Schedule

by Marie Smith

Liturgical Minister Schedule December 1-January 20,2019 Liturgical Minister Schedule January 27-March 17, 2019 If you can not make your scheduled assignment please arrange for a substitute, then notify Mary DeLisio (Mary.DeLisio@dor.org or 315-594-9430) to let her know who your substitute will be so that the Commentator sheet can accurately reflect the ministers for the week. Thank you for your […]

A Survey!

by Marie Smith

Marylyn Ianiri is requesting your help for her doctoral research to determine what makes the faith community of the Blessed Trinity so special. Her dissertation is a study of small faith communities to determine how the qualities of relationship, resilience, and service have formed each faith community. The survey is anonymous, takes approximately 12 minutes […]

Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA)

by Marie Smith

The theme for this year’s campaign is Sharing Our Blessings. The CMA affords each of us an opportunity to support the larger Church so that it can meet real needs throughout the Diocese. Your support enables the Church to be responsive and caring. Please be generous in your response. Every gift is needed and important! […]

Wayne County Planning Initiative: Planning for Our Future

by Marie Smith

Wayne County Pastoral Planning January 2019 Reminder: The Wayne County Pastoral Planning page of the Diocesan Office of Pastoral Resources and Planning website: oprp.dor.org. All of the data we are using is available online just click on the “Active Pastoral Planning Groups” tab. Go online to read more! Information is also available on our website: […]

In Gratitude

by Marie Smith

Non-Perishable Food Campaign The first Corporal Work of Mercy is to feed the hungry. Repeatedly, Jesus tells us through his words and actions to care about people’s physical needs. Did you know that in the month of December you helped to feed 372 households consisting of 479 adults, 562 children and 177 elderly in our […]