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Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

by Marie Smith

Pastoral Council 2022-2023                                 Eileen Bielemeier 315-587-2316  (2024) Kathy DeMass 315-754-6203 (Chair)  (2023) Dan Durocher 315-532-0611  (2023) Cathy Immerman 315-594-8574 (2024) Karen Kaindl 315-587-9796 (2024) Mary Krehling 315-243-7411  (2023) Jill Lee 315-744-4932 (2025) Paul Statskey 315-520-3588  (2023) Meeting Minutes 2022-2023 […]

Bulletin Submission and Mass Announcement Deadlines

by Marie Smith

PLEASE NOTE DEADLINES! If you would like something in the bulletin for any church in the Eastern Wayne County cluster, please email to katie.childs@dor.org by Wednesday morning two weeks before the date of the bulletin you would like it in. More information, please call Katie, 315-331-6753. Thank you. Due to Easter the bulletin deadlines are […]

Caring Card Ministry

by Marie Smith

If you know of any parishioner who is sick or grieving and might benefit from a card of care, concern and encouragement from our church, please contact Karen Kaindl at #315-587-9796 and leave a message, including name and address of the person. Thank you!

Lenten Videos

by Marie Smith

What’s the Purpose of Lent?, Father Mike Schmitz Bishop Barron on Lent Entering the Desert of Lent, Bishop Robert Barron 4 Reasons Catholics Must Give Alms This Lent, Father Mike Schmitz Preparing for Lent with Everything Catholic, The Catholic Talk Show Three Habits to Get the Most Out of Lent, Bishop Robert Barron What are […]

Catholic Ministries Appeal- 2022-23

by Marie Smith

Catholic Ministries Appeal “I Am With You Always” Video Progress as of:  February 13, 2023 Contributors: 69 % Pledged: 100.97% Paid to Date: $16,1544.44 Goal: $16,000.00 WE HAVE REACHED AND PASSED OUR GOAL AMOUNT! Click on the image below to read Bishop Matano’s letter of thank you. * Thank you to the parishioners that have […]