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Catholic Ministries Appeal- 2022-23

by Marie Smith

Catholic Ministries Appeal “I Am With You Always” Video Progress as of:  November 14, 2022 Contributors: 39 % Pledged: 57.18% Paid to Date: $9149 Goal: $16,000 * Thank you to the parishioners that have donated to the CMA already. Click on the link below to read Bishop Matano’s letter of gratitude from the 2021-22 CMA […]


by Marie Smith

LONG RANGE PLANNING FOR THE EASTERN PARISHES Recently, a Long Range Planning Committee was brought together to begin formulating a plan for the future of our Eastern Cluster Parishes in Wayne County. The Committee is comprised of members of both the Parish Councils and Finance Councils of each of our three parishes. We are all […]

Parish Life

by Marie Smith

Have you been given the gift of organizing events? Are you good at gathering people? Do you enjoy planning trips? Would you be willing to use your God given gifts and talents to help bring more Sprit and Life to our Parish? CCBT Pastoral Council is seeking a coordinator/co-coordinator to help get a new Parish […]

Senior Companion Program

by Marie Smith

Senior Companion Program Finger Lakes Living Healthy Senior Companion Program assists older adults (65+) who are living more isolated lives. A senior companion will be assigned to you and will, provide companionship, transportation and companionship for social outings, including church, appointments and grocery shopping and so much more. Senior Companions are volunteers aged 55 years […]