Sincere thanks to the outgoing members who have served our parish in a leadership role and gratitude to those incoming members who are starting their new term. Please pray for our parish and for the new leadership members.

Finance Council- Completing their term this June are Gerry LaForge and Nancy Polacek. Incoming members serving for five-year terms are Dan Arcadi and Tom Interlichia.

Pastoral Council- Members who are completing their term this June are Dan Arcadi, Eileen Bielemeier, Dick Campbell, and Susie Gallo. Incoming members serving for three-year terms are Larry Fillmore, Nancy Polacek, Kevin Rice, Rosemary Seymour, and Daniel Youngman.

2015-2016 Pastoral Council Officers are Pat Younglove as Chairperson, Daniel Youngman as Vice-Chairperson, and Rosemary Seymour as Secretary.

Parish Lay Trustees- Lay trustees who are finishing their term this June are Chuck Boyland and Dick Campbell. New lay trustees are Rosemary Seymour, representing the Pastoral Council and Doug Jablonski, representing the Finance Council.