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by Marie Smith

Part time HELP WANTED Personable, flexible office administrator for Care Net of Wayne County. Expertise in QuickBooks essential; ability to learn client services data system preferred. Days and hours will be established according to employee skills and preferences. They will be between 15 and 25/week. Please inquire at Care Net for a full job description […]

Hands of Christ Award

by Marie Smith

HANDS OF CHRIST AWARD The Hands of Christ is a recognition program to assist parishes in affirming their high school seniors who have been the “Hands of Christ” in their church, home, school and community, sponsored by the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis. The Criteria to receive this very special recognition: ~ Has consistently demonstrated […]

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

by Marie Smith

Pastoral Council 2021-2022                                 Eileen Bielemeier 315-587-2316  (2024) Kathy DeMass 315-754-6203 (Vice Chair)  (2023) Dan Durocher 315-532-0611  (2023) Cathy Immerman 315-594-8574 (2024) Karen Kaindl 315-587-9796 (2024) Mary Krehling 315-243-7411  (2023) Rosemary Seymour 315-594-6037 Chair (acting)  (2022) Marie Smith 315-591-1051 (Secretary)  […]

Bulletin Submissions

by Marie Smith

PLEASE NOTE! NEW DEADLINES! Bulletin Notices The deadline is Thursday, 9am, 10 days prior to publication date. First come, first served basis. Mass Announcements The deadline is Tuesday, 9am. Submit to CSJ.Bulletin@dor.org or you can call the office (315-902-4130) with notices or announcements. Thank you.

CASE Newsletters

by Marie Smith

Fall 2021 CASE Newsletter English https://www.dor.org/wp-content/uploads/SafeEnvironment_Fall_2021.pdf Spanish https://www.dor.org/wp-content/uploads/SafeEnvironment_Fall_2021_es.pdf Spring 2021 CASE Newsletter English https://www.dor.org/wp-content/uploads/SafeEnvironment_Spring_2021.pdf Spanish https://www.dor.org/wp-content/uploads/SafeEnvironment_Spring_2021_es.pdf Newsletter Archive https://www.dor.org/protecting-our-children/newsletters/newsletter-archive/