Many Thanks!
The Catholic Daughters would like to thank everyone for their support of the Spaghetti Supper! Thanks also to our hard workers and a special thanks to Robert and Robin Delf for their donation!

Thank you!!
A special Thank You for all who attended Ministry Day last Saturday. It was a special time for all Liturgical Ministers to come together and reflect on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Eucharist. Thank you for your continued dedicated Ministry here at Blessed Trinity.
Father Michael

In Matthew Kelly’s book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, he names the third sign of a dynamic Catholic as generosity. He notes that generosity is at the heart of the Christian life, just as it is at the heart of the Gospel, and that God proposes generosity as the path to happiness. Matthew Kelly speaks of many facets of generosity…time, talent and treasure. Once again Parishioners have answered the call to be generous as the Health and Hygiene Drive comes to a close. Many, many items were donated to benefit the Red Creek and North Rose Wolcott schools. Thank you very much for your continued support and your generosity. It is greatly appreciated! PS- The first sign of a dynamic Catholic is Prayer, the second sign is Study and the fourth sign is Evangelization. If you’re looking for a book that will help you become “a better-version-of-yourself” this one is worth reading!
Marie Smith

The Community Clothing Center wishes to extend immense gratitude to the parishioners of CCBT for their over-the-top generous response to the backpack drive. You are all incredible! We collected over 300 new packs along with school supplies and treats; the children were excited and delighted, as were the parents/ grandparents. *Please note a special thanks to those parishioners who work tirelessly at the center: Pam & Breezy Auclair, Brian & Ann Thompson, Eileen Bielemeier, Cecile Bogino and Dc. Bob Lee. THANK YOU!!! This is our faith in action ❤!

I have to thank everyone who planned last Sunday’s Parish Picnic. You all did a wonderful job as usual. I really believe fun was had by everyone in attendance. There was more than enough food for all. The games proved to be geared towards everyone, young and the more mature, those more advanced in years. There was great conversation, good fun, lots of laughs. The setting at Fair Haven State Park is also perfect. We also had perfect weather. There were some new faces there which meant new acquaintances and possibly new members for the Blessed Trinity Community. I know I had a good time and always do at the Parish Picnic. Too bad that event is only once a year. Thanks to all who came. It’s important for all of us to take the time to choose joy, fun and laughter for ourselves as often as we can.
Father Mike

CDA Bake Sale
Thank you to all the bakers who made the Catholic Daughters Bake Sale a wonderful success last Saturday.

Thank you. Thank you.
To all of you who volunteered to maintain our landscape and gardens at our churches. Aggie and Terry Burlee, Mary Carlucci, Rich and Linda Crocetti, Susie Gallo, Cathy Immerman and Karen Kaindl.

God has blessed us with many helping hands! Thank you very much for your generous donation of Time, Talent, and Treasure! 

“The Community Clothing Center was the grateful recipient of a portion of the items donated to the CCBT hat & mitten tree. Thank you all so much! The items were delightfully received by several families in our community and surrounding rural areas. Many THANKS!”

Thank You!
“The Community Clothing Center extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who donated to the recent coat drive. Now that the wintry weather has arrived, how grateful we are for the children and adults who are enjoying their warm winter coats! Your immediate and reliable generosity is amazing!”

Thank you!!!
We wish to thank Mike Kline for donating a large screen TV to St. Mary Magdalene. He also donated popcorn for our movie night and the movie, Miracles From Heaven, which we will view on January 21, at St. Mary Magdalene. All are invited!

Thank You :
On behalf of the CDA, we would like to thank all who came to break bread with us at our annual spaghetti dinner. We are very grateful for all the food donations, homemade desserts, all who worked in the kitchen, servers & cleaners and most all our main chef – Kenny. We are very blessed!!

Thank you!!!
Many thanks for Jack Woods and Dick LaBarr for donating the Christmas Trees!!!

Thank you!
Heartfelt thanks for your generosity in donating funds and health and hygiene supplies for our school children!

Thank you!!
“The counting team would like to thank the church for the 3 wonderful new calculators! Mary Capone’s quick response was greatly appreciated. Also, with school starting and the impending fall, this is a great time to join the Monday morning counters. Breakfast pizza and donuts await you!”

“The Community Clothing Center thanks you so much for the gen-erous support given to the Backpack Bonanza this year! We gave away about 275 new backpacks, school supplies, jump ropes, bubble stuff, candy, new underwear & T-shirts, etc. Much appreciation is given to our parishioners for contributing to the success of this happy community endeavor. This event was very blessed, thank you!”

Thank you!!                                            
I would like to thank everyone who planned this year’s Parish Picnic. We not only celebrated life in the parish community but 10 years of 3 Churches coming together – forming one Parish. This year’s picnic was enjoyed by everyone. What was really outstanding was the amount of creativity that went into it. Sweet, delicious prayer, excellent cuisine as usual, and endless, crazy games. You could tell everyone was having fun because there were lots of laughs & smiling faces. We were also blessed with a beautiful day weatherwise. Once again thank you to everyone who made it a perfect, fun filled day.                                           Father Michael

Thank you to Mary Durocher and our St. Thomas friends that helped to provide the children in Red Creek with their Religious Education. We are grateful for your help and could not have done it without you. Thank you for the great ideas, like the church scavenger hunt, that were used in both places. Thank you for helping to bring our children even closer to Our Lord. We are so grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the kind and talented Rosemary Burgdorf. She shared her gifts of time, talent, and treasure to the children in our religious education program at St. Mary Magdalene. Each class, she surprised us with amazing, art creations that helped the Bible lessons come alive. We are grateful for all that she does to serve the Blessed Trinity parish. We appreciate her help teaching.

Thank you to the youth who helped to plant the Red Creek Community Garden. Thank you to those who helped a parishioner with deck needs, and thank you for church yard clean-ups. Please help maintain our beautiful churches and garden any time you can. If you see a weed, pull it; if you see trash, throw it away. We need you to help your church stay beautiful.

The Catholic Daughters wish to thank all those who participated in our Annual Bake Sale. Thanks to donations from our parishioners and our CDA members, we were able to contribute $320.00 to the Wolcott Clothing Center. Our Chairpersons for this event were Barb Campbell and Nancy Kohlmeier: a special thank you from our membership.

The Clothing Center Volunteer Staff would like to THANK the Catholic Daughters of America for their very generous donation as a result of the recent successful bake sale. This money will provide many needed items for the patrons of the center, and we are very grateful for the means to be able to help them. Your hard work, collaboration and outreach are greatly appreciated.