We have been alerted once again by a number of people that they have received emails and texts from people claiming to be Fr. Felicjan asking for emergency help. The request usually involves you having to purchase gift cards. We would never ask you to do such a thing. The donations that we need you to make are to the collection at our parish churches. If you receive a message from someone claiming to be Fr. Felicjan, then please take the time to stop and verify with someone on our parish staff that the request is genuine. Most likely, it is just someone trying to scam you.

Here is some advice that we received from the Diocesan Information Technology Department:

Please take the following precautions:
▪ Do not click on links or open any attachment in email without verifying its authenticity.
▪ Use trusted sources such as legitimate government websites for information on COVID19.
▪ Do not reveal any personal or financial information in email or over the phone.
▪ Do not respond to email solicitations.
▪ Verify a charity’s authenticity before making a donation.
▪ Do not purchase gift cards based on an email you receive. Verify by phone call before spending your money.