Recently, a Long Range Planning Committee was brought together to begin formulating a plan for the future of our Eastern Cluster Parishes in Wayne County. The Committee is comprised of members of both the Parish Councils and Finance Councils of each of our three parishes. We are all aware that there is a shortage of priests, not only in our diocese, but throughout the country.

Currently, there are 133 priests serving in the Diocese of Rochester, with 58% of those priests above the age of 70. Currently, there are just 3 men in seminary. It is obvious that many pews are vacant on Sunday, as many people have not returned to church since Covid affected all of our lives. The result of the decrease in attendance is a direct impact on the financial health of the parishes.

We may soon be faced with the reality of only one priest to serve our cluster. How will that be facilitated so that he can best serve the people he shepherds? We must have a plan in place if that should happen. The committee will be considering many facets of parish life, including cost saving measures to ensure long range financial viability. We will keep you updated on our Long Range Planning as it progresses.

Please keep us in your prayers.