The Family Promise Program has been expanding and flourishing. Several families have been placed into sustainable housing in recent months, and more families are waiting to get into the program. Thirteen plus churches are currently hosting these families in Wayne County with meals and overnight beds. As the program continues to grow, there is an agreed upon purchase offer with St. Joseph the Worker Parish to purchase the Rectory at St. Michael’s Church in Lyons for use as the new Day Center. This will provide greater flexibility to meet the needs as the program expands. It has been one year since we here at CCBT did the tag tree drive. As more and more families use the program, the need is increasing to keep the Day Center stocked with items and gas in the cars for all the transport. Thus, our Social Ministry Team has posted more tags at the backs of our churches for parishioners to take a tag, purchase the item and return it to the church in the labeled receptacle, or give the item to Pam AuClair, Kathy DeMass, Cathy Immerman, Jill Lee, or Marie Smith. This will be an effective way for CCBT to contribute to this ecumenical effort.

We thank you for your wonderful generosity and willingness to contribute to this very compassionate cause.
Any questions, please see Marie Smith or Jill Lee


FAMILY PROMISE UPDATE: This program is in full swing and has had two families receiving benefits for an extended duration; one family has successfully been placed in a sustainable home. There are multiple new homeless families currently in the process of being accepted into the program. Family Promise has obtained a van to ease transportation to and from churches and the Day Center in Lyons and to provide rides for employment opportunities. Their recent fundraiser, “Bed City”, took place on May 11th. A grant was received that will double all monetary donations given in 2019!

In late June, the Faith United Methodist Church in Wolcott is slated to host one or two families for a week. They would like CCBT’s help with meals & volunteers. There will be more information pending with sign-up sheets in the future. Contact person is Jill Lee @ #315-553-2243 for further information or questions. This program is a wonderful ecumenical effort. Thank you for your interest and willingness to help!