2022-2023 Faith Formation Year
We are off and running this year! If you have children, grandchildren who are not yet registered, there is still time to get them enrolled this year. There is something for everyone!

December Schedule Family of Faith 9:15 am
December 11- St. John’s, Clyde
December 18 – St. John’s, Clyde OR St. Michael’s Newark

Carlo Stebbings ~ Director of Faith Formation
E-mail carlo.stebbings@dor.org 315-902-4130

Building Strong Catholic Families

Many of us feel the pressure early in the holiday season to be ready for Christmas. But today’s Gospel challenges us to be ready for something other than the gift-giving of Christmas. Read together today’s Gospel reading. As a family, talk about what it means to be ready for the day of the Lord. One of the roles of the family, the domestic church, is to be a school of faith leading one another to salvation. Reflect together as a fam￾ily on how your family helps one another to be better Christians. Commit to one thing that your family will do this Advent season to help one another be better Christians, to grow in holiness. You might choose to write this commitment down and post it in a prominent place in your home, perhaps near your family’s Advent wreath. Pray together that God will help you in this Advent commitment. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer or today’s Psalm.

A Year of Coming to Know God
God chose certain leaders – and their communities – to be His representatives to the rest of humanity. God started with Adam, who was the head of the first human couple. Then God initiated a relationship with Noah and saved all of Noah’s family from the flood. Then God made contact with Abraham, and his extended family, who became the recipient of magnificent promises of land, and many descendants, and ultimately salvation. When Abraham’s descendants became numerous and were enslaved in Egypt, God called Moses to lead this new nation to the promised land. Generations later, God chose David to be in charge of the Kingdom and promised that one of David’s descendants would be the universal and eternal king. Leading to the Incarnation!