Better Meals in Madagascar In Madagascar, half of all children are undernourished. That means that 50% of kids won’t grow to reach their full potential. Communities across Madagascar are changing this with the help of Catholic Relief Services. Community health workers trained by CRS use puppets to teach families about how doctor visits, hand washing, and rainbow foods—different colored foods like tomatoes and carrots that have important vitamins and nutrients— are necessary to stay healthy. Every parent wants their children to reach their full potential, and our Rice Bowl alms help CRS make sure they can do just that. Visit crsricebowl.org to learn more. And please continue to use the rice bowl as part of your Lenten almsgiving. Thank you for your consideration.

How are your donations used?
75 percent of your gift supports CRS’ programs around the world. Some examples include:

  • Agriculture projects help farmers improve harvests
  • Water and sanitation projects bring clean water to communities
  • Microfinance projects support small businesses
  • Mother and child health projects offer health and nutrition services
  • Education projects provide resources and training

25 percent of your donations go to hunger and poverty alleviation efforts in your own community.

Please put your Rice Bowl in the bin at the back of church. Collection will take place until Easter Sunday. Thank you in advance for your generous support! To learn more click on the graphic below.