Weekend Masses

The Catholic Community of the Blessed Trinity (Wolcott, Red Creek, Fair Haven)
Monday- 8:30 am (St. Mary Magdalene, Wolcott)
Tuesday- 6:00 pm (St. Mary Magdalene, Wolcott) Mass followed by exposition and benediction
Friday- 8:30 am (St. Mary Magdalene, Wolcott)
Saturday- 4:30 pm (St. Mary Magdalene, Wolcott)
Sunday- 8:00 am (St. Jude, Fair Haven)

St. Michael’s Parish (Newark)
Tuesday- 8:00 am
Wednesday- 8:00 am and 6:00 pm (Mass followed by exposition and benediction)
Thursday- 8:00 am
Sunday- 8:15 am and 10:30 am

St. Joseph the Worker Parish (Lyons, Clyde, Savannah)
Tuesday- 7:30 am (Clyde)
Wednesday- 6:00 pm (Clyde)
Thursday- 7:30 am (Clyde)
Friday- 7:30 am (Lyons)
Saturday- 4:00 pm (Lyons)
Sunday- 10:30 am (Clyde) and 4:00 pm (Savannah)

Weekday Masses at Saint Mary Magdalene
Monday and Friday- 8:30 AM
Tuesday- 6:00 PM followed by Exposition