Father Francis Pompei Returns to Our Parish!

Father Francis Pompei is a Franciscan priest from Holy Name Province and lives in Buffalo, New York. Over the years he has spent his ministry working with the poor and has done extensive retreat work with both adults and teenagers. He plays the bagpipes, enjoys mountain climbing, and tennis.



These are some of the issues that Father will address over the course of the 2 nights.
~ Guilt from past sins that keep haunting you + don’t like yourself.
~ Guilty of what you’ve done to others and maybe scarred them.
~ Your suffering is God punishing you for what you have done.
~ God could never forgive what you have done.
~ Can’t stop the fear, worries, and thoughts in your head.
~ Can’t stop the images of being abused in your past.
~ Can’t stop the devastating pain past abuse has/is causing you.
~ When you pray things don’t seem to get better.
~ Having doubts in God and thinking there’s no hope for your problems or you.
~ Angry, frustrated, empty, and feel like there is no end to it.