To the people of Blessed Trinity:

My dear brothers and sisters, how we all miss gathering as the Body of Christ! This time of the pandemic has been very trying for all of us. Financial and work problems, childcare problems, the cancellation of public Mass, and the death of loved ones who have not been able to receive the Church’s full ministry are only the most prominent difficulties we have had to face. And yet, as Fr. Walter and Deacon Greg and I have spoken about in our video message to the cluster, God has brought good things out of this trial. People have told me that it has been a time for their family to grow closer. Fr. Walter and I have had significant ministerial encounters with the families of those who have passed away. In contrast to the situation in some parts of the states, we have had access to hospitals and nursing homes in the case of a dying Catholic whose family has requested our ministry. We have been offering the sacrament of reconciliation to many and have seen it bear spiritual fruit. Above all, in the absence of public Mass, we have all grown in our appreciation for the specialness and meaning of the Mass. I would also like to take this opportunity to touch upon some important “house-keeping” issues. • For those who have not yet given to the CMA or who would like to give again, our deadline is May 31st! To simplify things for the staff, please write your check out to The Catholic Community of Blessed Trinity and send it to the Clyde offices instead of the Diocese. It is very important that you mark your check’s memo line with the phrase, “CMA deficit 2020”. Another good way of giving to the CMA is the text-to-give option. Directions on how to do this can be found on our website and in this bulletin. • As for the Parish finances in general, we thank God that so many have been so generous with sending in their offerings, despite there being no public Mass. We have sustained a loss, but we don’t want to dwell on the negative. Rather, we’d just like to express our gratitude towards those who have given. • The year-end financials are detailed in this bulletin. • For those who don’t have internet access, our sole means of keeping in touch with you is the bulletin. For those who know people who might have a hard time getting to church to pick up a bulletin, do them a favor and drop one off in their mailbox! Our bulletins can be found in special boxes outside St. Mary Magdalene’s and St. Thomas’. Finally, as for opening things back up and getting back to public Mass, we hope that will happen soon. The Diocese is in the process of putting together suggestions as to how each parish can ease back into their normal routine while at the same time observing various social distancing restrictions and hygienic requirements. God bless you all!

Fr. David Tedesche